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About Collingwood Water - In 1875, a well was drilled in Toledo at Prescott Street and Collingwood Avenue to supply safe drinking water to the neighborhood. Back then we delivered our water by horse drawn water wagon.

Coffee Supplies - Are you looking for a great wholesale resource to supply your home or office coffee needs?  Look no further than Collingwood Water, where you will find top-of-the line coffee supplies at wholesale prices. 

Bunn Products

Contact Us - Collingwood’s water remains rich in natural, healthful minerals from the earth. Natural fluorides in the water help make healthy bones and strong teeth. Collingwood Water is ozonated, which is the preferred method of disinfection. Contrary to chlorination, ozonation leaves no by-products in the water, it only leaves
great taste.

Coolers - Water cooler dispensers may be used at home or in the office, floor standing water dispensers are the most popular water dispensers.

Cooler Prices

Corporate Events - Collingwood Water can create custom water bottle labels that will make an instant impact at your next big corporate event.

Crock Dispensers - The dispenser was designed to fill a need in the bottled water industry. The material selected was vitrified porcelain because of its superiority to other ceramics.

FAQ - Is getting personalized or custom water bottle labels expensive? Can we order just the personalized labels from Collingwood Water and not the water bottles?

Home - Collingwood Water is your source for unique, high quality bottled water products that you can order for delivery direct to your home, office, dorm, hotel, camp, movie set, and vacation home and anywhere in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

Oasis Products - Oasis is the recognized worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of Bottled Water Coolers, Point of Use Water Coolers and Pressure Water Coolers.

Order - Your home for custom label and private label water! Collingwood Water Company is your source for natural spring water with Custom/Private labels.

Pricing -Your group or organization will receive the benefits of advertising and name recognition while offering your customers pure, great tasting imported spring water. We can copy your logo from print media (business cards, letterhead, etc.) or we accept artwork on disk or by e-mail. If needed, we can design a logo for you.

Shipping - Have your organization's name and logo printed on your choice of 8 oz and 16.9 oz bottles. The possibilities are endless.  Receive the benefits of advertising with private/custom labels while offering a pure water product.

SIP Products - The SIP 2000 is our automatic cooler sanitizer that works with Point Of Use ("bottle-less") water coolers. Every night, usually at 2:00 AM, the SIP 2000 activates to sanitize your cooler's reservoir.

Special Events - Collingwood Water can create custom water bottle labels that will make an instant impact at your next big event.

Weddings - Collingwood Water provides private bottled water for your convenience with a label design customized to your liking. We have one simple goal in mind, which is to offer refreshing, great tasting water with a personalized label for your special day.


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